3dWindow Tracklist


FUTURE FEATURES in 3dWindow Version 5


  • Re-using frames which you have already created with our plugin
  • Country specific frame/window profile sets in libraries (please send us your profile scheme's / requests)
  • An additional extension that gives you the possibility to create your own profiles and use it in the current plugin
  • Frames that are triangular/multi angeles shaped
  • Easy rotation & sliding/opening fillings. So you can easily swing open a door to a certain degree or open windows
  • If you have other (new) requests: please email us: support@rubysoft.eu!

CURRENT VERSION: 3dWindow 4.3.a ('Aureel' released May 2th 2017)

Maintenance update includes:

  • Integration with Skalp for SketchUp. Skalp is a powerful section tool that fills in the blanks in any section. Skalp is packed with key features like a solid live section tool, it is the missing link to make professional construction documents in SketchUp. Please find more information about Skalp on their website.
  • Some other minor, non show-stopping bug fixes and maintenance issues.


3dWindow versioin: 4.2 ('Sirilak' released March 17th 2016)

Maintenance update includes:

  • Preparation for a new RubySoft PDF module that will be released and creates window schedules (a 2d representation of all frames in your model with the dimensions alongside).
  • Some other minor, non show-stopping bug fixes and maintenance issues.


3dWindow version: 4.1.9 ('Carrington' released February 26th 2016)

Maintenance update includes:

  • Bug fix for iOS: The serial key could have been generated based upon a peripheral device. The next time the iOS starts without that device the serial key was not accepted. If you experience a problem with the serial after updating please contact us at support@rubysoft.eu.
    There is NO NEED to update from version 4.1.8 if you are running our software on a PC.


3dWindow version: 4.1.8 ('Elizabeth' released January 26th 2016)

Maintenance update includes:

  • Bug fix: Error message 'This part of the element can not be changed within RubyWindow'
  • German Language file updated
  • Some other minor, non show-stopping bug fixes and maintenance issues.


3dWindow version: 4.1 (released March 14th 2015)

Requested and implemented features:

  • Offset margins for frames
  • Increased recessed distance functionality (inheriting wall colors and/or patterns)
  • Implementation of own components as becoming part of the frame
  • Cutting/breaking through walls
  • Splitting up the toolbar
  • HTML Web dialogues for user interaction
  • Easy undelete functionality
  • Stop nagging with a boring message after the trial period has ended :-)

Maintenance update includes:

  • Inheritance settings issue solved for predefined options
  • Increased functionality from the eye perspective position (front/back face)
  • Still reading this? Impressive!
  • Frame depth issue solved when changing frame size in high detail modus
  • Serial key validation issue when using multiple internet connection types
  • French language review by Patrice Naar (thanks again Patrice!)


3dWindow version: 3.0.5 (released August 15th 2014)

Maintenance update:

  • SketchUp 2014 for MAC has a bug that was triggered using our plugin. Trimble created a fix for this in SU2015. We have created a work-around so the plugin is now working with SU2014 OSX. No other changes have been made. Windows users don't need to update 3.0.4 to 3.0.5


3dWindow version: 3.0.4 (released June 17th 2014)

Maintenance update:

  • Resolved an UTF-8 issue for diacritical accents in a language (eg. ñ or ã)
  • Resolved a German translation issue
  • Some other minor, non show-stopping bug fixes


3dWindow version: 3.0 (released April 1st 2014)

Implemented features:

  • Quick and Easy 'Toolbar & Icons Driven' creation of Frames, Windows, Doors and Panels
  • Slider Windows & Doors
  • Double & Hung Windows
  • Changes in dimensions to all of the elements
  • BIM info
  • SketchUp 2014 compatibility
  • Spanish language added
  • Many bug fixes & speed and stability improvements!


3dWindow version: 2.1.0 (released December 23rd 2013)

Added requested features:

  • Extended Profiles Library
  • Extended Fillings Library
  • Project Colors

Bug fixes:

  • The frame could not be created if the frame outline existed of more than 4 lines.
  • Surfaces were not always shown with correct facing sides.
  • Many smaller bugs fixes and performance improvements.


3dWindow version: 2.0.4 (released December 10th 2013)

New feature:

  • Units in inches

Bug fixes:

  • Some users experienced problems opening the plugin due to some read/write rights in Windows.
  • When a frame was designed and a new frame was supposed to be created right next to the first an error could occur.
  • Many smaller bugs fixes and performance improvements.


3dWindow version: 2.0.3 (released Oktober 31rd 2013)

  • Added Portuguese and Romanian language