RubySoft - The Netherlands - 3dWindow Extension for SketchUp

Your SketchUp Extension for dynamic Windows Frames and Doors!

The download will grant you 10 days of FULL VERSION evaluation possibilities.

Latest version: 4.7
(Working Name: 'Chaïm' released June 10th 2021)

Read about the changes in the tracklist
Download RubyWindow

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and unpack the extension to a download folder on your computer.

Open SketchUp and go to Window->Extension Manager->Install Extension... 

Select the downloaded RBZ file, accept and wait a few seconds.
Restart SketchUp

If you purchased a license and received an authorization serial key please open SketchUp and go to Extensions -> 3dWindow 4.7 -> Register license.

If you want to delete the extension from SketchUp please follow the instructions on the FAQ-page.

Manual - Terms & Icons Explained

To get a feeling of the meaning of all terms used and the explanation of the functions in the 3dWindow Toolbar, please click here to progress to the next page.