If you require some assistance or have requests for future features, please raise a ticket at our RubySoft Support Center.


If you encounter a problem that is not easy to solve via e-mail, we might ask you to grant us access to and control over your computer. We use software from TeamViewer: a program trusted by millions for support.

If you want our help and accept the fact that we can take over your computer, please email us your Session ID and PIN that will appear on your screen after starting the TeamViewer software. If you have a specific time slot, please also send that.
We will confirm your request by e-mail or take over immediately whenever requested to do so. Remember that we can see your screen & we can interact with your computer. We all signed a non-disclosure agreement, so anything we might see or find will be treated as private. The sole purpose is to get you going faster.

You will also be able to see every step we take: there are no hidden features and everything we do will be done in an interactive manner with you. There is a possibility to chat and talk and you can close the connection any time. It also is a one-time access, so don't worry.

Please go to: and download the TeamViewer Quick Support or visit and select the 'Downloads' tab (don't download and install the full version that you will find prominently positioned on their home page). Find the quick support for your system (WIN/OS) in the list and download/run just that. E-mail us the Session ID & PIN (and time slot(s) if necessary).